Spartus 35 F
Model 400
The Spartus 35F was a basic bakelite camera made by Herold
Manufacturing Company out of Chicago, Illinois. The "F" stands
for "Flash" as this camera has built-in flash synchronization. It's not
the flash sync we're used to now! Instead, the funny threaded bolt
end, to the right of the viewfinder, was where the flash was
Catalog No. 390
Catalog No. 390
Not much to adjust here. Your shutter speeds were "Inst." for
"Instantaneous" or "Time" when you just wanted to keep the
shutter open. The knurled wheel with "K-2" on it is adjustable to
three different f-stop settings (16, 11, 7.7) and K-2, which is
some kind of filter.


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